5 places to walk your dog in Florianópolis

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Florianópolis is a city with several attractions and natural beauty, which captivates couples and families, many of them, with pets. If this is your case and you are looking for a destination to travel with your pet, we have separated some tips for pet-friendly tours in Florianopolis to exercise and have fun with the whole family.

On Magic Island, there are several paradisiacal beaches. However, according to law 094/01, Art. 8, it is forbidden to bring dogs, cats or other animals on beaches, whether for a walk or a swim.

Because of this, it is necessary to know other options of dog-friendly outdoor walks, such as parks and squares, which combine a lot of space, shade and trees, and safety for you to relax in the company of your puppy.

Check out our tips for walking with your dog:

1) Parque dos Coqueiros

Located at the entrance of the Coqueiros neighborhood, just 10 minutes from the LK Design Hotel, the park has an area of approximately 50,000 m2. The place offers walking and biking tracks, sand and synthetic grass soccer courts, volleyball court, gym, playground, a lake, and a large grassy area.

Access to the park is free, and there is parking

2) Parque da Luz

Next to the Hercílio Luz Bridge, the park, with 37,000 m2, is about 4 minutes away from the LK Design Hotel. The place offers a soccer field, a playground, and a large green area with many benches.

Ideal for walking and relaxing with the dog.

3) Praça XV de Novembro

Right in the city center, the Praça XV de Novembro is shaded by a huge fig tree and several surrounding trees.

The tourist spot is about 8 minutes from the LK Design Hotel.

4) Praça Getúlio Vargas

Just 5 minutes away from the LK Design Hotel, the Praça Getúlio Vargas, better known as the Praça dos Bombeiros [Firemen Square], offers a lot of greenery and a beautiful fountain.

It is a good place to rest under tree shade and walk with your dog.

5) Beiramar Shopping Center

If you are planning to go shopping and want to bring your dog, know that the largest malls in Florianópolis are pet friendly, however, each one has its own rules.

We recommend Beiramar Shopping, just 2 minutes away from the LK Design Hotel. It allows small dogs, but only on the owner’s lap.

If you prefer to walk with your dog in a cart, about 12 minutes from the hotel, Shopping Floripa allows small dogs on your lap or in their own carts.

Pet friendly hotel in Florianópolis

In order to have the best trip with your pet, stay in our hotel. At the LK Design Hotel, we are pet friendly and we accept small dogs, until 15 kg, with updated vaccination.

Access our rules and check out how to stay with your pet in Florianópolis.

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