6 StartUps from Florianópolis for you to know now

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When you think of cities that are hotbeds of successful startups, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Recife soon come to mind, right? Well, you should know that Florianópolis is being highlighted by its new companies in the area of innovation and technology.

The TOP 100 Open Startups 2020 ranking includes three startups from the capital of Santa Catarina: TNS Nanotecnologia (CleanTech) in 52nd position, Startup Mundi (EdTech) in 57th position and WiFeed (MarTech) in 68th position. According to another ranking, resulting from the partnership between the portals Pequenas Empresas Grandes Negócios and Época Negócios, Santa Catarina hosts 6 of the 100 most attractive startups for investors.

The city of 500 thousand inhabitants attracts entrepreneurs and investors because it hosts several universities and has a lower cost when compared to other capitals, especially when the analysis includes rent and labor.

Check out the startups from Florianópolis that are worth knowing:

TNS Nanotecnologia

It is a sustainable chemistry startup. It was founded in 2009 and last year was selected for an immersion program in Chile to expand its business. TNS offers, among other solutions:

●      Fertilizers;

●      Seed protectants;

●      Antivirals and antibacterials;

●      Biodegradable capsules;

●      Natural preservatives;

Startup Mundi

It offers online, or board-based, experiences to teach about entrepreneurship and innovation through games. Startup Mundi makes its services available to companies, to the education industry, and also to events. There are two modalities:

●      Electronic board that simulates the steps of creating a startup;

●      Online game for up to 16 participants with the steps to validate a project.


Have you ever thought of promoting your brand to everyone who uses the same Wifi network? This is WiFeed’s proposal. When an establishment contracts this service, its clients can only use the network if they watch certain ads and fill out a form. The advantages are:

●  For the establishment, the benefit is to keep customer data and track customer behavior, such as frequency and length of stay at the location;

●    Advertisers, on the other hand, can choose in which establishments to advertise and have access to various metrics for monitoring.

Keeps Learning

A platform that enables learning through artificial intelligence and gamification, used by companies to optimize training. Keeps Learning’s solutions:

●      Konquest: platform for creating courses focused on usability;

●      GameUp: training for teams through games;

●      SmartZap: learning experience through WhatsApp.


Another startup from Florianópolis is JettaCargo, which offers software that optimizes cargo space on pallets, trucks and containers. All you have to do is register the products and define the cargo rules and restrictions. It is used for:

● Plan the loads;

● Perform 3D visualization;

● Issue reports;

● Integrate with management systems.

Inside the Box

Point of sale management for retail. Sending checklists, training, and monitoring results through a system. More than 780 people already use the startups’ platform. Some of the benefits:

● Shop window assembly;

● Store opening flow;

● Checklist of visits;

● Opening of calls between sectors;

●  Files directory

These and many other startups operate today in Florianópolis and are attracting investors and clients throughout Brazil and the world. With the work of several entrepreneurs and engaged professionals, the capital of Santa Catarina has conquered its place on the Brazilian innovation map.

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